Project: "The Hanger Theory" ("La Teoria de la Percha")

Since I started my degree in Advertising and Public Relations I've done several full campains and other different communication actions, but the Hanger theory project is my most notable achievement, so far.

In my first year I had to develop a study for a marketing project.
This project was developed by nine team members. My team mates specialised in several different fields. I was appointed team leader and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities whilst i was involved.

Our idea was to create a 360ยบ campain to sell T-shirts using diferent marketing techniques, for example viral marketing, using social networking sites such as a Facebook. In addition YouTube videos, and blogging activites helped progress the campaign to a bigger target audience.
The best part of the campain watching it progress from a simple idea to an online success.

The main idea was to create a pseudo organisation called "The Hanger Theory".This was created by students. The aim was to create a working blog that was informative but not contained professional design ethics. The mission statement behind the project and more specifically the logo was to spread the idea of happiness, the three points within the logo show different aspects of happiness and that there are three good things that are consistent in your life.

This organisation was formed to make the audience aware of the theory that had been constructed. The idea behind the organisation was based on the history of "The Wave".

We created a short teaser campaign.
It consisted of three different steps, which are shown below.

We created three videos to upload to YouTube.
The first one was a brief outline of who we were, what we were and what we set out to achieve and how.

The second one was a video showing how we were in a fake demonstration.

The third one was about what the people thought about "The Hanger Theory" and inviting the people to share their different opinions and theories on the blog, created ah hoc.

In addition to the videos, we also made profiles on numerous social networks, for example Facebook and Tuenti, a spanish version of facebook. We had also created a blog which we used to spread our message and gain more audience appeal.

After the videos became viral, we started using the blog as a marketing tool were anybody could share there thoughts, opinions and possible arguments for/against the hanger theory.

After a couple of weeks, the blog stated that "The Hanger Theory" had worked and certain aspects from the actual theory has been included on T-shirts.The main point that was printed was the phrase "Keep Smiling". This was the idealogy behind the brand.

The campaign evetually stopped being a teaser campaign and became an established brand.

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