I've always been inspired to be a part of various multimedia projects. I think it's a useful but effective tool to evoke a response from the target audience, this can allow the public to be part of the design/ advertisement.

You must consider multimedia, such as sound,images and text in order to create a video which best describes your ethics and your moral standpoint behind what is and what isn't appropiate for promiting a product or service.

As part of my degree I've had to create several videos. The video featured below was one that I created in 2010, it is a music video for the band "Vetusta Morla" and the song is "Copenhague".


My idea was to make a video following the lyrics. This band is really interesting because of its lyrical style and the connotations beneath the lyrical content, the way the lyrics can mean different issues appealed to my team.

The meaning i gathered behind the song was that it was reflecting two different worlds. One world was warm and other cold, One full of hope and other desperation. In my opinion, one could be Madrid and the other Copenhaguen. In addition, the lyrics could also be about love story based on possible futures, difficult decisions and hope.

Developing the Idea
I took two characters. One was a Spanish boy and the other was a Danish girl.
When he is in the city of Madrid, she is waiting for him in Copenhaguen. Both cities are interlinked forming one city.
The picture of Madrid looks cold meanwhile Copenhaguen, a scandinavian city appears warm. He wants to go and she wants to escape.
At the end they meet. They form a relationship. But they're not certain that the relationship will stand the test of time.

The program used for creating and editing the video was Premier Pro.
The SFX were made with the Red Giant suite "Magic Bullet".

The locations contained within the video were Madrid and Copenhaguen, this production was recorded in 2010.


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