2011 - 2012 BA/ degree in Advertising and Public Relations University of Chester
2009 - BA/ degree in Advertising and Public Relations ESIC Business School - University of Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid
2008 – 2009 BA / degree in Advertising Creativity ESP (Superior School of Publicity), Madrid
2005 – 2008 BA /degree in Psychology UAM (Autónoma University of Madrid), Madrid
2001 - 2004 College San Agustín College, Madrid
2011 - 2011 Student Delegate ESIC Business School
2005 – 2008 Student Delegate
Selected as Representative of the Student Union
UAM Psychology
2003 – 2004 Design Manager San Agustin - School Newspaper
2011 Actor
Acting in an advertisement tv advert on national TV in Spain for the bank, BBVA.
BBVA / Garage Films
2009 – 2011 Professional Lifeguard
Working full time over the summer as a Red Cross certificated Lifeguard
In addition to being a lifeguard I was in charge of checking the facilities around the
pool, making sure the chloral level of the water was right and keeping the
maintenance of the pool up to date.

PROVITA Swimmingpools


2008 – 2011 Creative designer
Since 2008 I have been working part time for this Madrid-based advertising agency,
developing graphical design solutions, designing logos for various clients,
supporting with ideas for advertising in different medias as newspapers, magazines
and websites.
2008 Administrative assistant
Working as a secretary, organising courses in co-operation with teachers, taking
contact to students and developing the timetables for each course and other
administrative tasks.
C.E.N.T.E Alkimia (School of New Technology)
2007 – 2009 Salesman of real estate
Employed in the Madrid based office working as a commercial seller of holiday
apartments in Marina d'Or, which is a tourist resort in Oropesa del Mar, Castellón,
Spain. I was in charge of receiving people interesting in apartments, being the
personal assistant during sale, showing resorts to possible clients, making
presentations and doing the follow-up.
Marina D'Or
1996 – 2004 Salesman
I worked during the summers as a salesman in this shop together with two shop
assistants. During the rest of the year I worked part time in a branch shop in
Stefani Puglia – Oropesa del Mar